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2011 Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Earthquake disaster support activities


  • Mid -to Long-Term Reconstruction Projects

    Strong connection with disaster areas

    Civic Force has been active in providing assistance in the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan for a year and a half ever since the earthquake struck. To better concentrate our efforts to solve the problems and difficulties that the region faces, we began some mid- to long-term projects in the summer of 2012.

    ▪ Tourism Revitalization Project
    --Enhancing cooperation between the public and private sectors to make Kesennuma City into a "city that tourists want to visit"
    ▪ Wings for Life Project
    --Support of helicopter services for emergency medical purposes
    ▪ Green Circle Project
    --Developing a sustainable forest industry and effective utilization of woody biomass
    ▪ Community Revive Project
    --Support efforts by the local community to create homes and jobs
    ▪ Dream Support Project
    --Support for local youths through scholarships and conducting locally-developed educational programs

  • NPO Partner Projects

    NPO Partner Projects

    NPO Partner Projects" are implemented by Civic Force in coordination with specialized NPOs and organizations based in disaster areas, for the purpose of meeting the ever-changing needs of those areas. Civic Force has implemented 38 projects with 32 organizations from April 2011 to December 2012, with our staff working in close coordination with those organizations. Each project is examined, monitored and evaluated by outside experts.

  • Tohoku Common Benefit Investment Fund

    Tohoku Common Benefit Investment Fund

    We established the general incorporated foundation Tohoku Kyoeki Toshi Kikin (Tohoku Common Benefit Investment Fund) in December 2012 to support industrial recovery in disaster-affected areas. As of the end of November 2012, we have invested in seven cases to support the "Common Benefit Projects," namely, Ogatsu Suzuri Association, Sato Shipyard, Oikawa Electric, Peace Nature Lab, Kamaishi Hikari Foods, Sanriku Iriya Suisan, and Trust. In addition, we are promoting other investment programs such as Reconstruction Venture Capital.

  • Provision of multi-purpose mobile bases

    Provision of multi-purpose mobile bases

    Since June 2011, we have introduced 20 trailer houses and 20 container houses as mobile living spaces for those engaged in reconstruction activities in disaster areas, and lent them to municipalities and other organizations. These bases have been utilized to meet the changing needs, such as offices for NGOs, reconstruction shopping mall and network groups around Kesennuma City, which have been organized in disaster areas, or as replacements for meeting places for residents association and as school club rooms, which were lost by tsunami.

  • Archive

    • Large-scale procurement and delivery of relief supply supplies

      Large-scale procurement and delivery of relief supply supplies

      We chartered and operated ten 4-ton trucks daily in order to efficiently procure and deliver relief supplies that were needed in disaster-affected areas. We delivered a total of 546 items, weighing 380 tons, to five disaster-affected areas (Kesennuma City, Minamisanriku Town, Ishinomaki City, Ofunato City, Rikuzentakata City) from March 2011 to May 2011.

    • Installation&operation of handmade baths

      Installation&operation of handmade baths

      We installed baths at six sites in Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi, starting on March 30,2011. We installed and operated the baths with the help of local carpenters and volunteer carpenters from Tokyo, members of the Self- Defense Force, and local residents. These baths were used as "Community Baths" by families on weekends and students after school club activities on weekdays. About 100 people used the baths on daily average.

    • Car Ferry Operation

      Car Ferry Operation

      After a car ferry servicing Oshima, an outlying island in Miyagi, was lost by tsunami, Etajima City, Hiroshima, lent a car ferry, "Dream-Noumi", to Oshima for free, through the assistance of Civic Force. The ferry carried roughly 255,000 passengers and 52,000 cars between Kesennuma and Oshima from April 27, 2011 to February 29, 2012.

    • Employee Volunteer Dispatch Project

      Employee Volunteer Dispatch Project

      We implemented the Employee Volunteer Dispatch Project in Oshima, an outlying island in Kesennuma, Miyagi, from July 2011 to March 2012. Three times each month, a group of company volunteers were dispatched to stay in the island for six days and five nights.They engaged in programmed tasks such as removing rubbles, cleaning photographs, and helping to make rafts for scallop and oyster farming. A total of 350 employees from nine companies participated in this project.



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