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【Preparing for Future Disasters】 Survey Results: Living Under Evacuation

In 2020, Civic Force and A-PAD Japan distributed a survey to people over the age of 10 who experienced living under evacuation during natural disasters. Thank you to those participating in the survey. 108 responses were received.

The survey results highlight evacuees experiencing issues with the hygiene environment at evacuation centers including toilets. As nearly half of the respondents evacuated to places other than designated evacuation centers, relief assistance should be adequately allocated to evacuees outside designated centers. Evacuees staying at home or sleeping in their cars are often overlooked and timely assistance can be a challenge. Future disaster assistance activities should ensure inclusion of evacuees outside designated evacuation centers. Building on the survey results, Civic Force is preparing for speedy assistance for future disasters.

Please take a look at the survey results here (written in Japanese)

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