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【COVID-19】 Tents Leased to Hospital in Kagoshima

One year has passed since the pandemic began. As a member of ARROWS (Airborne Rescue and Relief Operations With Search), Civic Force has been assisting health care facilities facing dire situations.


On January 12, ARROWS provided an emergency tent to Yonemori Hospital in Kagoshima at their request (pictured above) and a trailer to a hospital in Saga the next day.

"We are going to use the tent as a waiting space for outpatients. We were using a bus parked outside before but it was cold inside and the aisle was narrow. The tent is going to be very useful now", said a hospital staff member.


ARROWS has leased tents and trailers to hospitals in West Japan and Kyushu for fever clinics. As a prevention measure against in-facility infection, the equipment is leased out upon request from hospitals with partnership agreements. Based on the situation, portable X-rays and air purifiers are available as well and ARROW supervises transportation and installation of the equipment as necessary. The hospital proclaimed, "ARROWS assistance is crucial to protect the community's medical system."


Civic Force has been leasing out the emergency tents and trailers for disaster assistance activities since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Please click on the links below for more details.

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・West Japan Floods:

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