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【COVID-19】 Civic Force Distributes Hair Products through 23 Partner Organizations

"We hope our products can be helpful to people who have been affected by the pandemic" - Civic Force received shampoos and conditioners as in-kind donations from Nature Lab Co., Ltd., a Japanese cosmetics company. Civic Force distributed the hair products to beneficiaries in need through 23 partner organizations. Nature Lab Co., Ltd. previously donated face and body wipes to Civic Force during the 2018 West Japan floods and they were well received by the people working tirelessly to clean up the mud and debris.

The 23 partner organizations, including NPOs working in disaster-affected areas and welfare centers, distributed the items at child welfare centers, a soup kitchen for children, and to single-parent households, the elderly, and international students.

Civic Force received warm thank you messages:

"Families are experiencing income loss due to the pandemic. On top of this, prices began going up in April and many households have been hit hard financially. This was very helpful; thank you so much." - An NPO supporting children and families.

"Kids started enjoying washing their hair everyday because they like the nice scent and their hair gets smooth." - Staff at children's welfare center.

"We gave them to partners operating after-school programs, soup kitchens for children, and helping financially struggling families. Some families were diluting their shampoos and conditioners with water or were unable to afford conditioner so they were very happy." - Disaster assistance NPO

"They are must-have hygienic items. The kids are very happy and thankful." - Staff at children's welfare center.




【Partner Organizations】

5 organizations in Kumamoto (Kumamoto Prefecture Single Parent Family Welfare Council, etc.)

1 organization in Miyagi (Ishinomaki Revival Support Network)

1 organization in Iwate (Oraga Otsuki Dream Space)

7 organizations in Fukushima (Ka-ro Fukushima - Children's welfare center)

9 organizations in the Kansai region (NGO Collaboration Center, a soup kitchen for children, single-parent families, and an organization supporting international students)

Civic Force began providing COVID-19 relief assistance.

Our activities are supported by your generous donations. Thank you for your continuous support.

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