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[Monthly Report vol. 34]

Two years and ten months after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Thank you for your continuous support for Civic Force.
Tomorrow marks two years and ten months since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
People in the coastal areas of Tohoku region, which were severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami, started the third New Year since the disaster. How was the year 2013 for the people of Tohoku on their way to recovery?
Civic Force has been supporting reconstruction of disaster-affected areas since immediately after the earthquake disaster. Last year we started a full-scale operation of the Mid- to Long-Term Reconstruction Project, which consists of five pillars. Utilizing the networks we have built, we have been supporting independent activities that aim for local revitalization.
In this first Monthly Report of 2014, we will report our support activities in Tohoku and our emergency relief activities in the Philippines, which was hit by a typhoon in November, 2013. In 2014, we will continue our support activities for reconstruction of Tohoku and will strengthen our cooperation in Asia as a member of the “Asia Pacific Alliance,” an international cooperation organization.
We ask for your undivided support, not only for Civic Force but also for the numerous people involved who are working together to reconstruct the disaster-hit region.

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