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[Monthly Report vol. 35]

Thank you for your continuous support for Civic Force.

Two years and eleven months have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.While infrastructure has been improved and the reconstruction effort has become visible in the disaster affected areas, roughly 270,000 people have evacuated or moved to temporary housings or houses of relatives or acquaintances across the country as of the end of January, 2014 (source: Cabinet Office).Many disaster victims are now concerned about rebuilding of their houses, which were damaged by the tsunami, and about how to use the devastated lands along the coastline. Inthe Osawa District of Karakuwa Town in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, where Civic Force has supported collective relocation since October 2011, .the “Osawa District Association for Promoting the Collective Relocation Project” organized a visit to the candidate site for the community center and the residents have been discussing the new town development with specialists.

In this Monthly Report Vol.35, we will highlight the NPO Partner Projects which have been responding to the changing needs of affected areas. We will also report on the activities of the international organization, “Asia Pacific Alliance,” which we have been operating concurrently with the support projects in Tohoku. We ask for your undivided support, not only for Civic Force but also for the numerous people involved who are working together to reconstruct the disaster-hit regions.

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