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【News Letter Vol.1】

This year is ending soon. How was the year 2014 for you?

The emergency response activities of Civic Force, established in 2009 with the motto “Save More Lives in less time,” will soon enter its seventh year. Two years after Civic Force was established, the unprecedented Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. As we had been preparing to organize a network for emergency and disaster relief, the disaster made us realize afresh the necessity of cooperation between corporations, local governments, and NGOs before a disaster occurs.

Roughly 236,000 people are still being forced to live as evacuees across Japan, due to the effects of the twin disasters and the nuclear power plant accident. (Source: Reconstruction Agency, as of November 2014). Civic Force continues to support the people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake while also working as a member of the Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management, a transnational disaster aid alliance, to save as many people as possible in case of typhoons or flooding that frequently occur in Asia. After Typhoon Hagupit struck on December 6, 2014, we went to Samar Province in the Philippines and conducted emergency response activities in cooperation with local NGOs. (Please see page 4 for details.)

Civic Force’s Newsletter, which reports the activities of Civic Force, is scheduled to be released once every three months, starting with this issue. It is composed of the three main pillars of our activities; “Assistance to disaster-affected areas,” “Expanding to Asia,” and “Creating an Emergency Preparedness Mechanism.” Your opinions and comments on our Newsletter will be appreciated.

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