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【News Letter Vol.5】

 Buildings under construction being dispersed across disaster-affected areas, large trucks that frequently come and go, and the embankments towering along the coast——the fifth New Year will come to the areas that were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and are now undergoing rapid changes.

  Fiscal year 2015 is the final year of what the Reconstruction Agency designated as the “intensive reconstruction period.” Based on the learnings from the earthquake, the affected areas aiming to “develop disaster-resilient towns” are in progress for land forming, collective relocation, and construction of disaster recovery public housing units. In the northern areas of Miyagi Prefecture such as Kesennuma City where Civic Force has been involved in the recovery activities, reconstruction has begun reflecting the features of the mountainous Sanriku ria coast area. The new communities are designed to relocate residents to areas of higher elevation and to separate residential areas from workplaces. Some who have finished raising the ground level and forming the land have already started their lives at their new houses on the hill. Meanwhile, new issues have become evident: some people still have no choice but to live in temporary housings and some communities created after the disaster have fallen apart.
  In this issue of the Civic Force News Letter, we interviewed the NPO partners and the local governments of the affected areas that have been participating in the NPO Partner Projects and the Mid- to Long-Term Reconstruction Project of Civic Force to ask them about the state of their recent activities, the conditions of the towns and so forth. We will also report on the progress of support activities provided to victims of the heavy rainfall disasters in Kanto and Tohoku areas and to people in Asia.
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