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【News Letter Vol.7】

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In Kumamoto Prefecture, where a level 7 earthquake occurred on April 14 followed by repeated aftershocks, 49 people have been killed so far and one person is still missing. Due to the effects of prolonged life in evacuation, some people have lost their lives from the heavy burden on their bodies or deterioration of chronic illness.

The Kumamoto Earthquake has inflicted enormous damage on housings. The confirmed number of damaged houses as of May 18 is: 4,569 fully destroyed, 11,629 half destroyed, and 54,491 partially destroyed. These numbers may further increase because the investigation is still in process. Furthermore, it is reported that more than 1,000 housings have been damaged in Oita Prefecture.

Also, according to the disaster headquarters, over 9,900 people are staying in 226 evacuation centers within Kumamoto Prefecture as of May 18, more than one month after the disaster. In Mashiki Town where there is a particularly large number of evacuees, more than 3,200 people are still living in evacuation centers. In addition, there are people who continue sleeping in their cars at night.

We will report on our support activities for the Kumamoto Earthquake in this special issue of the Civic Force News Letter, which is usually published quarterly.

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