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【News Letter Vol.11】

More than six years have passed since the outbreak of the Great East Japan Earthquake  on March 11, 2011, and our reconstruction support activities for the disaster-affected areas are now in its 7th year. 
In the coastal areas where the tsunami hit, residential land development and construction of public housings for disaster victims are processing steadily. However, some 123,000 people are still living away from their hometowns.
This year, in spring, evacuation orders put to areas in Fukushima Prefecture will be lifted except for the difficult-to-return zone. However, it is likely that many evacuees will choose not to return. 
In Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, the Kesennuma-Yokocho and Murasaki-Ichiba of the temporary shopping arcade will be closed this spring, finishing their roles. This was the city where Civic Force had placed its base from just after the outbreak of the disaster until January 2017.
The newsletter of this month shares the “updates” of our support activities of the Great East Japan Earthquake, including the voices of the people who work on the reconstruction of the Kesennuma region. We will also report on a new project of the Dream Support Project and on the future plans of “Fund JAPAN,” the General Incorporated Foundation (formerly called the Tohoku Common Benefit Investment Fund), which was established five years ago.
In addition, as part of the NPO Partner Projects, two new projects have started in Kumamoto Prefecture just before one year from the disaster. We hope you take a continued interest in the reconstruction activities conducted by those of the affected area along with our support activities. 
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