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【News Letter Vol.13】

“Someone helped me last time. So this time, I want to do what I can do in return.”

“I’ d like to talk about disaster prevention and reconstruction efforts.”


“I want to learn about the current condition of the disaster-affected areas in Kumamoto Prefecture.”

This past summer, Civic Force organized the “Kyushu Reconstruction Support Volunteering Tour,” a training program, in which participants visited the Kumamoto Earthquake sites. Fifteen people including students who were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and youths from South Korea, with thoughts of their own, went to the disaster-affected areas.

In this newsletter, we will report on the training program which combines “international exchange” and “reconstruction support” and on the voices of students who participated in it. We will also follow up on the progresses made by “NPO Partner Projects,” which are ongoing at sites in the Kyushu region and the Japan portion of the training program conducted for interns from ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on Disaster Management. 


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P2 Supporting Disaster-Affected Areas

【Kumamoto x Tohoku x South Korea】
・ Kyushu Reconstruction Support Volunteering Tour Organized!
【Northern Kyushu Torrential Rain】
・ NPO Partner Projects
- Emergency Aid Activities to Reconstruction 【Kumamoto Earthquake】
・ Container Set Up in Minami Aso Village
・ NPO Partner Projects

P7 Expanding to Asia

Emergency Preparedness Mechanism

・ Interns of ASEAN Learn from Disasters Occurred in Japan

・ Seventeen Companies and Five NPOs Establish “SEMA”


translated by Tokyo YWCA ILV