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【News Letter Vol.17】


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“I once gave up going on to higher education, but now I am working at a local hospital.” “Thanks to the support, I was able to go to university from the year after the earthquake and I am now working hard utilizing what I have learned.” 

     Eight years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011. Youngsters who were high school students at that time are now adults and many of them are working. A large number of the former scholarship students of the Civic Force “Dream Support Project” spent their adolescence in hardship, but now they have grown up and are working hard to be the ones to help others this time while feeling thankful to the people who supported them from all over the country. 
Even though the recovery of the severely affected area is still half way down the road, the know-how and the network for disaster support that Civic Force has acquired has also been utilized in the Western Japan Floods and the Hokkaido Earthquake that happened last year. 
The industry reconstruction support fund, which was established by the donations to Civic Force, has been receiving reimbursement from part of the supporting organizations since 2017, so it is aiming to create a new fund cycle by using the reimbursement funds as capital. Newly called the “Common Benefit Investment Fund JAPAN,” not only supports the Tohoku region but also other disaster-affected areas and depopulated areas. The “Asia Pacific Alliance (so called A-PAD),” which was established to make use of the experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake, has expanded to six countries now and functions as a platform of bilateral cooperation with various countries and organizations. 
We always make new challenges and make effort to be an organization worth donating to.