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HOME NEWS 【Kumamoto Earthquake】3 years after the disaster: "Please come visit Minamiaso again"



【Kumamoto Earthquake】3 years after the disaster: "Please come visit Minamiaso again"

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It’s been three years since the devastating earthquakes caused significant damage in Kumamoto on April 14 and 16, 2016. Although Civic Force closed its donation account dedicated to the Kumamoto Earthquake Assistance at the end of July 2018, the road to recovery is still underway. Civic Force continues to stand with the people of Kumamoto who are striving to rebuild their community.

Since 2017, Civic Force has been leasing a free trailer house to Kyushu-Manabiya, an association organized by photographer Mr. Nagano Ryoichi. Kyushu-Manabiya is engaged in various activities such as disseminating information about Minamiaso-mura, assisting farm trainees from both domestic and abroad, and hosting community events for children.The 20-foot trailer house is 20 feet long (approximately six meters) and has been utilized as a community gathering space for the locals and those working on community rebuilding activities as well as a hub to share local attractions.

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Mr. Nagano said, “It’s getting warmer and we’ve started to prepare for community events for children such as takenoko-hori (digging up the bamboo shoots). Students from Tokyo, who have provided vital support for Kyushu-Manabiya since the earthquake, are planning on visiting us as well. Reconstruction of infrastructure such as Aso Choyo Bridge and Gairinzan-Watarayama Tunnel has already been completed and the remaining reconstruction works are in progress. We are still halfway to a full recovery from the disaster but we are looking forward to having more visitors to our town.”


Pictured above: Cherry blossom tree in Minamiaso (Taken by Mr. Nagano Ryoichi)