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HOME NEWS 【Northern Kyushu Heavy Rain - Aug 2019】Distributed Free Taxi Vouchers in Omachi Town



【Northern Kyushu Heavy Rain - Aug 2019】Distributed Free Taxi Vouchers in Omachi Town


On September 1, Civic Force's partner organization, A-PAD Japan distributed 350 free taxi vouchers in Omachi Town which suffered severe flood damage.

There vouchers will be used by people whose cars were damaged during the disaster. They can use the vouchers to go to a hospital or run errands. Each voucher is limited to 1,000 yen per ride and one person can receive three vouchers in total. On the first day of the distribution, A-PAD Japan distributed the vouchers at three locations - the Omachi community center, the Omachi welfare center, and Hijiri academy martial arts gym. There, the A-PAD Japan staff put up posters about the ride service as well. The vouchers are valid until September 30.

This operation is supported by Omachi Tourism Taxi. The company's CEO, Mr. Yamaguchi, said "Although our office became flooded and we are still in the middle of recovery, we would like to hep the people affected by the disaster." Mr. Miyazaki from the general affairs division at the Omachi municipality expressed his gratitude to A-PAD Japan, "We are very grateful for your assistance. Thank you very much."

A-PAD Japan is also continuing the distribution of emergency relief items. The details of the distribution activity since August 30 are as follows:
  • August 30 at Takeo City Hall: 72 tarps, 800 medical masks, 500 pairs of working gloves
  • August 30 at Ogi City Disaster Volunteer Center: 3 high pressure washers (leased), 240 pairs of working gloves
  • August 31 at Omachi Community Center: 1,018 clothing items including underwear and socks, 344 beverages including fruits and vegetable juice, and energy drinks, 3 fans, 45 mattresses 
  • August 31 Omachi Welfare Center: 807 clothing items, 246 beverages including vegetable juice
  • September 1 at 3 evacuation centers in Omachi: 650 beverages including vegetable juice


■ We are accepting donations through Hometown Tax ("Furusato Nozei") to assist the people affected by the disaster. Thank you for your generous support.