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【Northern Kyushu Heavy Rain - Aug 2019】Supporting A-PAD Japan in Saga

69371339_1414196158736764_9131555922512969728_o.jpgThe storm front remains active and is still bringing heavy rains to western and eastern Japan today. On August 28, emergency weather alerts were issued. Saga Prefecture was severly damaged by the rain-related disaster in the past few days and is still getting more rain. 

The Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management  (A-PAD Japan), a partner NGO based in Saga, attended a prefectural disaster management meeting on the evening of August 28 and began providing relief assistance with its partner organizations. On August 29, A-PAD Japan provided 12 lanterns, 1 generator, working gloves, and medical masks to Oheso Kodomo-en ("Oheso Children's Daycare") in Saga. The daycare is experiencing a power outage due to heavy rainfall. Today, A-PAD Japan provided 72 tarps, 500 pairs of working gloves, and 800 medical masks to Takeo City where the disaster hit the hardest. The relief items were provided at the request of Takeo City and ditributed in coordination with a partner organization, Peace Winds Japan.


A-PAD Japan is one of the 29 members of the Saga Disaster Assistsance Platform (SPF). SPF was founded in January 2019 with organizations in and outside of Saga. SPF has an agreement with Saga Prefecture to work together for disaster response. Because of SPF's disaster expertise and human resources, the agreement allows SPF to respond effectively at the onset of disasters and gather relief items quickly.


Although A-PAD Japan's office and staff members were also affected by the floods, the team is working with the affected community toward a quick recovery and reconstruction. Civic Force is providing logistical support to A-PAD Japan. Thank you for your generous support. 


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