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【Typhoon No.19】Distributed 100 Pairs of Socks in Chikuma-shi


On October 17-18, Civic Force delivered 100 pairs of socks to the Chikuma city hall in Nagano. The socks were then distributed to the flood victims who came to city hall to apply for disaster victim certificates.

In Chikuma-shi, the victims staying at evacuation centers have been decreasing, however, many victims are sleeping in flooded homes while cleaning up the mud. City hall had as many as 100 victims apply for disaster victim certificates in one day. "My house is buried in mud. I just finished applying for my disaster victim certificate.  But I still have to clean up the house and I do worry about the future. I would like to give those socks to my neighbors who were also affected by the disaster," said a woman who visited city hall for a disaster victim certificate.

The socks were donated by Fukusuke Corporation, a member of the Social Emergency Management Alliance (SEMA). Hoping to help the victims, Value Books, a company based in Nagano, opened up their warehouse for Civic Force to store relief items. All the assistance from people and businesses are very much appreciated.


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The emergency assistance team (PWJ/A-PAD Japan/Civic Force) is distributing various relief items. With help from local businesses, Civic Force is striving to deliver relief items not only to the victims in evacuation centers but also those staying at their homes.

◆ 600 winter articles of clothing (Donated by: SEMA, Adastria, Co., Ltd.)

 Distributed to: Obuse-machi City Hall

◆ 5,712 pairs of underwear (Donated by SEAM; 4,010 from Gunze Limited; 1,702 from Izumi)

Distributed to: Obuse-machi City Hall, St. Cousair, Toyono-Nishi Elementary School, Sanikukai Clinic, and Value Books in Nagano Prefecture; Iwaki-shi Kimura Ophthalmology Clinic and others in Fukushima Prefecture)

◆ 1,200 pairs of socks (Donated by SEMA, Fukusuke Corporation)

Distributed to: Chikuma City Hall, Value Books, and others in Nagano Prefecture




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