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【Typhoon No.19】Leasing 5 Pressure Washers to Obuse-machi


Typhoon No.19 (Hagibis) landed on the Izu Peninsula on October 12 and brought heavy rainfall, strong winds, and high tides causing enormous damage across the Kanto-koshinetsu and Tohoku regions, Shizuoka Prefecture, Mie Prefecture, and more. According to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, 57 houses have been completely destroyed  2,195 houses partially destroyed.  In addition, there are 23,411 houses flooded above the floor level and 15,975 houses flooded below the floor level.

As of October 22, ten days after the onset of the disaster, 81 disaster volunteer centers have been established in 12 prefectures and volunteers from across Japan are traveling to the affected region to support the victims.

Since October 19, Civic Force has been leasing five pressure washers free of charge to the disaster volunteer center at the Obuse-machi Social Welfare Council in Nagano to assist clean-up efforts to remove mud from the flooded houses. Obuse-machi set up the volunteer center soon after the disaster. On weekends, more than 100 volunteers are traveling to Obuse-machi per day and the pressure washers are put to good use. Civic Force also delivered 200 dust masks, 300 pairs of working gloves, and 500 trash bags that are needed to clean and restore the flooded houses.

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Many tourists visit Obuse-machi this time of year to enjoy their famous chestnuts. While the tourist attractions were not affected by the disasters, the number of tourists have decreased drastically this year. The effort to restore the flooded houses has just begun. The executive director of the Social Welfare Council said "I hope we can recover quickly from the disaster and normalize the lives of the victims. I would also like people to enjoy our town's tourist attractions again soon."

The pressure washers were originally lent to the disaster volunteer center in Saga Prefecture after the region was hit by heavy rainfall last July. However, the center said "They are the ones in need [of the pressure washers] right now" and delivered the washers to Nagano themselves.