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【Typhoon No.19】Participated in Transfers for 100 Patients


On the morning of October 13, 2019, upon request of the Nagano Prefecture Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT), the joint emergency assistance team (PWJ/A-PAD Japan/Civic Force) participated in a patient transfer mission for 100 patients. This operation was carried out in collaboration with the Self Defense Force (SDF), fire departments, and medical institutions.

The patient transfer operation on the 13th assisted the Sanikukai Clinic in Nagano that experienced continuing power and water outages. 118 patients at the Sanikukai Clinic, mostly elderly who had difficulties walking by themselves, were transferred to 8 nearby hospitals. The joint emergency assistance team dispatched 13 members including doctors and nurses and transferred 14 patients with two vehicles.


The team worked with the SDF and brought the patients down from the 2nd and 3rd floors using a stretcher. Together with the clinic staff, the team double checked each patients' names, dates of birth, and health status. As the temperature dropped, the team provided blankets to the patients and made sure that they were comfortable. The doctor coordinated and ensured a smooth transfer for each patient. In addition, the road was congested due to flooding so the team worked with ambulances to reach the hospital as quickly as possible. Portable toilets and food items were also delivered to the clinic staff.


Needs Assessment at Evacuation Centers and Distribution of Relief Items

In parallel with the patient transfer operation, the emergency assistance team conducted needs assessments and distribution of relief items at three evacuation centers within Nagano.

Toyono-Nishi Elementary School is hosting around 300 evacuees. Many of them have not changed their clothes since evacuation and expressed their needs for underwear and fresh towels. The team then got in touch with a partner company to procure those items.

Sixty people are temporarily staying at the Showa-No-Mori Fitness Center. The team distributed tissues and toilet paper upon request. Next door, the team distributed five umbrellas, five rolls of masking tape, 5 rolls of duct tape, 20 bath towels, 200 paper cups, nine canisters, and 400 medical masks at the Hokubu Recreation Center.

Today, the temperature in Nagano dropped below 12 degrees Celcius and it has gotten even colder in the evening. Civic Force plans to distribute relief items that meet the needs of the evacuees including heating items.

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