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【Typhoon No.19】"We Are Exhausted" ー Two Weeks Since Landfall and Another Typhoon Hits


October 26 marks two weeks since Typhoon No.19 (Hagibis) made landfall. Due to massive landslides and flooding, 87 lives across 13 prefectures were lost and there are families still looking for their loved ones. Over 3,400 houses have been completely or partially destroyed and nearly 70,000 houses have been flooded. According to the Cabinet Office, 6,224 evacuees resided at evacuation centers as of the morning of October 26. However, due to heavy rainfall brought by Typhoon No.21, the number of evacuees increased by more than 2,000 since the afternoon of October 25. There are areas in which the extent of damage has not yet been confirmed. The numbers showing the scale of the disaster are expected to increase.

"This is the worst year. I've never imagined this many disasters can happen to me," said a man living in Ichihara-shi in Chiba Prefecture who was affected by heavy rain brought by Typhoons No.15, 19, and 21 in the past few months. An NPO staff who has been providing relief assistance in Chiba since Typhoon No.15 laments, "We cannot keep up with the relief assistance when another flood sweeps the town trying to recover from the previous one." An elderly evacuee in Nagano uttered, "[I'm] totally exhausted. I'm worried as I don't even know about rebuilding a house in the future."

The joint emergency assistance team (Civic Force/A-PAD Japan/PWJ) provided transfer patient assistance from medical facilities in Nagano affected by the disaster soon after the onset of Typhoon No.19. The team is continuing to deliver relief items to evacuees in Nagano and Fukushima. Civic Force has also started conducting needs assessments for mid to long-term recovery and reconstruction assistance.

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