Furusato Nozei (Hometown Tax)

Ongoing Project

Civic Civic Force is accepting donations through Furusato Nozei to assist the victims of the heavy rain disasters in August 2021. Your donations will be used to provide emergency relief items and transportation services. Thank you for your generous support.


2021 August Heavy Rain

Donate via Furusato Nozei

General Donations to Civic Force through Furusato Nozei

You can donate to Civic Force through Saga Prefecture’s Furusato Nozei. Ninety percent of your donation will go directly to Civic Force. For eligible donors, donation amounts minus 2,000 yen will be deducted from the following year’s residence and income taxes in Japan. Some donors may be eligible for a One Stop system in which municipalities file taxes on their behalf. Funds raised through Furusato Nozei will be used to build partnerships with local municipalities, businesses, and organizations for disaster preparedness, maintain a disaster response hub to store relief items, and build an effective response mechanism.

Thank You Gifts

Donors can select thank you gifts when donating to Civic Force through Furusato Nozei.

  • 佐賀牛

    Saga Beef

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  • お米


    Go to Furusato Choice
  • 加工品

    Locally Made Foods and Goods

    Go to Furusato Choice
  • デザート


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  • 有田焼

    Arita-ware (Japanese porcelain)

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  • 唐津焼

    Karatsu-ware (Japanese pottery)

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About Civic Force

Civic Forceとは
Civic Forceとは

Civic Force is an organization dedicated to providing timely and effective assistance. We respond to large-scale disasters ranging from earthquakes to heavy rains in close partnerships with the private sector, NGOs, and local governments. Leveraging each actor’s strengths, Civic Force provides much needed assistance to the affected people from the onset of disaster to recovery and reconstruction phases.


In response to recent, frequent natural disasters in the Kyushu region, Civic Force will utilize your donations for the following projects. Your support will allow us to effectively support the affected populations by working with local governments as well as businesses and individuals.

  • - Establish and manage a disaster response hub with storage functions that can assist wide-areas and stock emergency relief items.
  • - Develop and maintain a system to match the needs of the disaster-affected populations.

How to Donate

Select a thank you gift. (Click here if you would like to donate without a thank you gift)

Select a thank you gift

Click here if you would like to donate without a thank you gift.

Select Civic Force as a donation recipient.

File a tax return

Tax reduction on resident and income taxes will be available upon filing a tax return with a donation receipt. Some donors may be eligible for a One Stop system in which municipalities file tax paperwork on their behalf. Donations to up to five municipalities per year are eligible for the One Stop system.

Tax Deduction through Furusato Nozei

Example: 50,000 yen donation from a couple lives in Tokyo with an annual income of 7 million yen:

48,000 yen (2,000 yen subtracted from the donation amount) will be deducted from the income and resident taxes. The thank you gift will also be delivered.

Filing a Tax Return

Tax reduction (return) will be applied for the same year’s income tax and the following fiscal year’s resident tax.

One Stop System

Full deduction amount will be subtracted from the following fiscal year’s resident tax.

  • *Actual deduction amounts may differ case by case. Deduction has a ceiling amount.


    • I would like to know more about what Civic Force does.

      As a member of ARROWS (Airborne Rescue & Relief Operations With Search), Civic Force operates search and rescue operations, provides emergency relief items, manages evacuation centers, deploys volunteers, and supports local organizations. Please visit our website and social media for more details.

    • From where does Civic Force get funding?

      Our activities are supported by donations including funds raised through Saga Prefecture’s Furusato Nozei. Natural disasters are occurring more frequently. Society as a whole actively participating in disaster response mechanisms is needed more than ever. Thank you for your continuous support.

    • Can I donate after a disaster happens?

      In case of large-scale disaster, Civic Force opens a disaster assistance project page on Furusato Nozei. You can support our emergency activities through the project page.

    • Can a business donate through Furusato Nozei?

      Businesses may donate through Furusato Nozei. Furusato Nozei for individuals is different from the one for businesses. Businesses with headquarters located outside Saga Prefecture can donate through Furusato Nozei for businesses. Please visit the Furusato Nozei page for businesses for more details.

      *The Furusato Nozei page for individuals does not have a field to enter a business name. Please enter your business registration title in the last name field and business name in the first name field. For more details, please refer to the Furusato Choice page and consult with your accountant.

    • What is the maximum amount I can donate through Furusato Nozei?

      The list shows suggested donation amounts. 2,000 yen subtracted from the donation amounts will be deducted from income and resident taxes. Please contact your local municipalities for more accurate estimates.

Tokyo Office

Address: 2-41-12 Tomigaya-ogawa Bldg 2F, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0063
Phone: +81-3-5790-9366

Saga Office

Address: 1-3-5 Marunaka Bldg 6 F, Matsubara, Saga, Saga Prefecture 840-0831
Phoe: +81-952-20-2900