Great East Japan Earthquake

Project Overview

On March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake struck the eastern part of Japan. That day, Civic Force transported relief items stored in Fukuroi, Shizuoka to Tokyo and began reaching out to corporate partners for assistance. On March 12, Civic Force’s team reached the affected areas by helicopter. Through the past ten years, Civic Force has taken part in recovery and reconstruction efforts in the Tohoku region. Starting in 2019, Civic Force has been implementing New - Support Dreams x NPO Partner Projects focused on community revitalization, retreats in Fukushima, and passing down memories of the disaster.


  • New - Support Dreams x NPO Partner Projects

    New - Support Dreams x NPO Partner Projects

    This is a Great East Japan Earthquake support program in collaboration with organizations with regional expertise to support the reconstruction of the affected areas and the younger generation that will be responsible for the future of the local community.

Past Projects

  • Mid to Long Term Reconstruction Assistance

    Mid to Long Term Reconstruction Assistance

    In the summer of 2012, Civic Force began a mid to long term reconstruction assistance project. The project focused on tourism revitalization, patient transfers, community development, and scholarships.

  • NPO Partner Projects

    NPO Partner Projects

    NPO Partner Projects respond to the needs of the disaster areas through partnerships with local organizations that demonstrate their expertise in emergencies. Civic Force worked with 36 organizations through this collaboration project from April 2011 to September 2015.

  • Industrial Reconstruction Fund Project

    Industrial Reconstruction Fund Project

    Civic Force held a series of consultations with financial experts and explored how to achieve economic recovery. In November 2011, the Tohoku Common Benefit Investment Fund (currently Common Benefit Investment Fund) was founded. With common benefit investments as an operating principle, Civic Force is supporting the local industry and its reconstruction efforts.

  • Ground Transportation Projects

    Ground Transportation Projects

    Starting March 23, 2011 when road access became available, Civic Force and a moving company launched a transportation service. Free or discounted goods were procured from over 140 companies and 380 tons of relief items were delivered to five municipalities affected by the disaster.

  • DIY Hot Bath Installations

    DIY Hot Bath Installations

    Civic Force joined hands with local carpenters and local residents and installed hot baths at six locations in Minami-Sanriku, Miyagi Prefecture. The bath facilities were used by families, elderly, and students.

  • Multi-purpose Trailers

    Multi-purpose Trailers

    Trailers and shipping containers with kitchen appliances and beds were leased out to be used as rest spaces, temporary offices, community centers, and changing rooms.

  • Ferry Service

    Ferry Service

    Ferries are a lifeline for Tohoku’s largest inhabited island, Oshima, in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture. Civic Force procured and leased a ferry after local ferries were washed up on shore. 20,000 vehicles (100,000 people) used the ferry.

  • Employee Volunteer Project

    Employee Volunteer Project

    Civic Force worked with UN Global Compact Network Japan and other partners to deploy employee volunteers to affected areas. 284 employees from nine companies participated in removing debris, restoring photos, and making aquaculture rafts.

  • Others


    For over 10 years in Tohoku, Civic Force has provided assistance and continues to address the situations around the affected communities.


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