2021 July Heavy Rain

Project Overview

On July 3, 2021, torrential rain caused a large-scale disaster in Atami, Shizuoka. Civic Force dispatched an emergency team on July 5 and began relief assistance. In the affected neighborhoods and evacuation centers, Civic Force provided a free shuttle service, taxi vouchers, school supplies, cleaning items, hot meals, and more. The team will continue to support the recovery and reconstruction of the local community.


  • 移動支援プロジェクト

    Transportation Service

    Civic Force distributed free taxi vouchers for affected people who are unable to secure transportation due to suspended bus services and limited road access. Shuttle bus services from evacuation centers to after-school programs and Yugawara are operating to support school children and the elderly.

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  • Transportation Service

    School Supplies for Students

    “School supplies were lost in the flood,” “School uniforms and stationery got all muddy and they are covered with mold.” In response to the needs of the affected children, Civic Force distributed 90 school items including gym clothes and shoes in partnership with local stationery shops.

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  • School Supplies for Students

    Housing Recovery

    As access restrictions became relaxed and the affected residents began cleaning their flooded homes, Civic Force delivered safety helmets, tarpaulins, flashlights, and cleaning supplies at the request of the disaster volunteer center.

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  • Housing Recovery

    Relief Item Distribution

    Civic Force is providing relief items to the warehouse center in Atami and community center in the Izusan neighborhood. Items include masks, hand sanitizers, underwear, ice, mosquito coils, toothbrush sets, and hot meals. The distribution is implemented with the local community.

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