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Transportation Service and School Supplies Distribution for Students

Civic Force will be providing transportation services and school supplies for students affected by the mudslides in Izusan, Atami.

The mudslide-stricken Izuasan area is still not accessible two weeks after the disaster and public buses are unable to operate. Izusan Elementary School classes resumed on July 12 and were held at two public facilities as safe commuting routes could not be secured. Nearly half of the 54 students at the elementary school are commuting from evacuation centers or relative's houses. 20 students from Atami Middle School are also commuting from evacuation centers.

"I lost school supplies in the mudslides." "School and after-school programs are further away now and commuting has become very difficult." A needs assessment conducted by Civic Force revealed the difficulties students are facing and Civic Force has begun the assistance activities listed below. See more details in the press release.

1. Distributed School Supplies:

Provision of gym outfits, sweat shirts and pants, belts, shoes, and textbooks for students from Izusan Elementary School and Atami Middle School.

2. Transportation Service:

Starting on Monday, July 19, a shuttle bus will operate three times a day - once in the morning and twice in the evening from Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays). 13 passengers are estimated to use the service, however, a larger bus may be available, if needed.

Time Table on July 19 (Monday)

  • AM:8:00AM (Evacuation Center) → 8:25AM (Izusan bus stop) → 8:30AM (Habitation Apartment) → 8:40AM (Nanao Danchi bus stop) → 8:55AM (Izumi After-School Center)
  • PM: 3:50PM (Izumi-After School Center) → 4:05PM (Nanao Danchi bus stop)→ 4:15PM (Habitation) → 4:20PM (Izusan bus stop) → 4:45PM (Evacuation center)

*A second shuttle will leave Izumi After-School Center around 4:50PM. The routes are subject to change.


Contact: Civic Force 

TEL:070-1217-7707(Eiji Otsuka, Reina Inoue)



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