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2021 July Heavy Rain (Atami) Transportation ActivityReport

Free Ride Service Launches Today

Starting July 21, Civic Force will be distributing free taxi tickets for the victims of the recent rain disaster in Atami who are unable to secure transportation to go places such as the hospital or grocery store. This service is made possible by the support from the local community and community center.



【Availability】1 set/JPY1,000 (6 tickets) *Multiple tickets may be used per ride.

【Distribution Period配布期間】 July 21 (Wed) - July 27 (Tue), 2021

【Expiration Date】 Until public transportation resumes operations

【Locations】 Izusan-hama Community Center, Nakamichi Community Center

*Ticket availability is limited.


*Must meet all of the criteria below:

  1. Resident of Izusan
  2. No means of transportation and has difficulty walking to bus stops
  3. 65-year old or older in FY2021 or persons with disabilities and health conditions
  4. Routes must be between Izusan to Atami or Yugawara city limits.

How to Use the Service

Please call Atami Dai-ichi Kotsu: 0557-82-3101

This service is provided in cooperation with the Atami Social Welfare Council.



Civic Force Atami Assistance Team (070-1217-7707)

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