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Kamaishi Restoration Project - Reviving the Local Ecosystem with Rosa Rugosa

The rosa rugosa planting event was held this spring at Nebama Seaside. Rosa rugosa is a bright pink rose used in various products from jams, tea, perfume, and even eastern medicine. Before the Great East Japan Earthquake, rosa rugosa grew plentifully along the  1.3 km long coast of Nebama Beach. Unfortunately, tsunami waves swept away marine plants including rosa rugosa. Shortly after the disaster, local residents began to revitalize the local ecosystem. Funded by locals, the Nebama Rosa Rugosa Project collects seeds from existing rosa rugosa to plant them back in Nebama.

What is the Nebama Rosa Rugosa Project?

Funded in 2021, the project aims to build a sustainable community in Nebama through living with nature. 

History of Nebama Rosa Rugosa Project

2011: Eager to restore Nebama’s beautiful landscape, local residents planned activities

2014: Funded a study group with experts, volunteers, and local partner organization

2018: The project was incorporated into the local middle school’s curriculum

2019: Camping park at Nebama Seaside was named Hamanasu (Rosa Rugosa in Japanese) 

2021: Nebama Rosa Rugosa Project was officially launched

 This project is supported by L’Occitane and implemented through Civic Force’s NPO Partner Project.

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