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Civic Force Launches New NPO Partner Projects to Restore Local Temple

July 31, 2021 - A massive mudslide struck Izusan in Atami and destroyed the Aizome Bridge. Not too far down from the bridge, there is a guardian deity called Aizome Jizo that many have visited. The temple hall was partially destroyed by the mudslide but Aizome Jizo remained undamaged.

“It is miraculous that the deity was unhurt while the damage was extensive elsewhere.” Local residents are amazed and encouraged by the deity as they continue to restore the temple.

Civic Force launched NPO Partner Projects with two local organizations in Atami that continue providing assistance including the cleanup work at the temple.


Atami Kicollys was founded in 2016 by local volunteers who loved and wanted to protect the forests. The group began forest preservation activities on weekends and grew to be a registered non-profit organization in 2020. During the mudslide disaster, upon request from the Self Defense Force who were looking for missing people, Atami Kicollys provided stocked wood for heavy equipment scaffolding. Kicollys also provided wood to another disaster aid organization for house repairs. Another partner organization, Atamista, promotes renovation and revitalization under their motto, “for enriched living for the next 100 years.”

Disaster Volunteer Center is focusing first on restoration works for damaged homes and stores and the repair works for the temple had been postponed. The NPO Partner Projects are supporting the restoration of the floors, walls, ceiling, and doors at the temple and general cleanup efforts. Civic Force hopes to bring back normalcy among local residents through the restoration of the temple.


With your support, Civic Force is supporting the restoration and reconstruction efforts of affected areas. Thank you for your contining interest in our work.


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