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【Noto Peninsula Earthquake】 Ishikawa Pref. High School Baseball League and Civic Force Delivers Relief Items

The Players’ Fund is partnering with the Ishikawa Prefecture High School Baseball League to support the people impacted by the earthquake. 

On January 17, Civic Force delivered hygiene items donated by a corporate partner, Base5, inc. to the Ishikawa Prefecture High School Baseball League. Items include menstrual pads, body wash wipes, dry shampoos, and mouthwash.


Ishikawa Prefecture Noto High School

These items were distributed to 13 member high schools and the baseball club coaches and students are handing them out at evacuation centers and their neighbors. “Some items are hard to find at stores. Folks at the evacuation centers were very happy.”


Ishikawa Prefecture Shiga High School

The baseball club students at Ishikawa Prefecture Technical High School helped prepare relief item distributions to each high school.


The High School Baseball League is also distributing relief items received from corporate and private partners. 


The Players’ Fund has been providing various support through Civic Force. We plan to continue assisting the affected people through local aid organizations. Thank you for your continuous support.

How You Can Help

GlobalGiving (For donors outside of Japan)

Donate through bank transfer

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (Aoyama Branch): Account # 7027403

Japan Post Bank: Account #00140-6-361805 (Please specify "For 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake)

*The account holder's names for the banks are "Civic Force" or "公益社団法人Civic Force シャ)シビックフォース".

**Please note that 15% of your donation will be allocated to general operating expenses.


Your donations will be used to provide relief items through GoodLinks, search and rescue operations, medical assistance, and other assistance urgently needed by the people impacted by the disaster.

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