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Middle School Students Visit Civic Force's Tokyo Office

As part of an integrated learning class, six second-year students of Nakano Middle School researching social responsibility activities visited Civic Force’s Tokyo office on November 22.

Their research aims to encourage each student to think about how to tackle societal challenges. The students collect feedback from organizations working on social issues. Since the first visit in 2012, students from the middle school have been visiting the office almost every year.

Civic Force and A-PAD staff members met with the students and discussed recent disasters, emergency assistance activities, and the response activities for the Great East Japan Earthquake.


The students listened to the lecture eagerly and asked about the staff’s motivation, challenges, and how students could help.

“I also learned that there is going to be a big disaster in Tokyo in the future. It was interesting,” one student commented.

“This was a great opportunity to think about disasters and disaster preparedness which I normally do not think about.”

Disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. Civic Force values opportunities like this for the next generation to think about the importance of disaster preparedness and what each of us can do.


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