Emergency Response

  • Great East Japan Earthquake

    Challenges remain in the affected areas for recovery efforts. Civic Force is supporting activities focused on community revitalization, retreats in Fukushima, and passing down memories.

  • Activity period|2020.02-2023.04

    COVID-19 Response

    In February 2020, Civic Force distributed masks from our emergency stockpile to medical facilities. Since then, Civic Force has dispatched the emergency team to healthcare facilities and provided relief items. Support for local organizations affected by disasters is ongoing.

  • Activity period|2021.07-2022.09

    2021 July Heavy Rain

    In response to a large-scale mudslide in Atami, Shizuoka, Civic Force is providing free transportation service, school supplies, and hot meals.

  • Activity period|2021.08-2022.09

    2021 August Heavy Rain

    Civic Force began responding to the flooding in Kyushu. Disaster preparedness training and relief item distribution are ongoing.

  • Activity period|2020.07-2022.01

    2020 July Heavy Rain

    As a member of Airborne Rescue and Relief Operations With Search (ARROWS), Civic Force dispatched a rescue team to Kumamoto for life-saving operations. Currently, Civic Force is supporting local organizations working toward disaster recovery.