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【COVID-19】 ARROWS Dispatches Medical Team to Hiroshima and Okinawa Prefectures

【Omicron variant surges】 ARROWS Launches Emergency Assistance

ARROWS (Airborne Rescue and Relief Operations With Search) distributed infection prevention items to welfare facilities and began providing medical assistance to hospitals including administering booster shots.

In Hiroshima Prefecture, where ARROWS is based, record-level infections have been reported. In response, a state of restraint has been issued in fear that the healthcare system may be paralyzed if infections spread further. Some healthcare facilities have been forced to limit their emergency room outpatient operations and patient intakes as staffing shortages became more serious due to a growing number of staff on leave. 


ARROWS Staff at Temporary Medical Waiting Station

Activity Overview:

Hiroshima Prefecture

  • ARROWS doctor and nurse were dispatched to a remote clinic to assist booster shot administration. 
  • ARROWS doctor was dispatched to a newly launched online medical consultation center by the prefecture on January 14. The doctor will provide online medical consultations to patients at home. This online center is available free of charge for Hiroshima residents via phone and internet. Prescriptions are also available.

ARROWS doctor at the online medical consultation center (January 14, 2022)

Okinawa Prefecture

  • On January 14, 2022, ARROWS dispatched two nurses and one coordinator to a temporary medical waiting station where patients wait to be admitted to hospitals. The team will coordinate with the authorities and provide medical assistance and zoning. ARROWS doctors may be dispatched, as needed.

ARROWS staff providing training on infection prevention control 

The ARROWS team works toward its mission - saving as many lives as possible in less time. ARROWS will continue providing relevant and timely assistance including guidance on infection prevention measures, vaccine administration, and deployment of medical teams.

Since January 2020, ARROWS has distributed personal protective equipment (PPE), deployed medical staff to healthcare facilities, provided training on zoning and how to properly use PPEs. ARROWS has worked with more than 4,300 healthcare facilities including welfare centers and mental health hospitals where public assistance was not always available. 

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