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Ocean School - Training Future Fishermen (Part 2)

Ohakozaki Civic Meeting provides fisherman training in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture, particularly to elementary and middle school students. Mr. Sato became the new head of Ohakozaki this year. Please read Part 1 here.

"I like what I do"

Mr. Sato is from Aichi Prefecture, located in Central Japan. He visited Iwate after the disaster as a volunteer and landed a job at an NPO that promoted community revitalization. He was not familiar with the fishery until he moved to Kamaishi. Fishing became his natural career path as he got to know the community better. He is now training under a fisherman, Mr. Maekawa, who he met through his work at the NPO. "I like what I do as a fisherman and it is fun learning from Mr. Maekawa who manages a guest house for fishermen. It is hard physically but it is fun learning and experiencing new things," said Mr. Sato.


Pictured from left: Mr. Maekawa; Mr. Sato

New Challenges

Marking the tenth anniversary of the disaster, Ohakozaki is now led by the younger generation, including the newly appointed director, Mr. Sato. It is a critical step as the organization establishes its long-term vision, continues implementing activities, and trains future generations of fishermen. Although fisherman training for children may not produce immediate outcomes, Ohakozaki is looking ahead and focusing on strengthening their management structure so that they can focus more on product development and training for young people.

Hakozaki Peninsula is aiming to attract more visitors through the fishery. Nebama Beach is near Hakozaki Fishing Port where Mr. Sato boards his boat every morning. "Hakozaki is an accessible spot with beach and campsites nearby. I hope more people will become interested in the fishery."

Ohakozaki Civic Meeting is striving to revitalize the community through the fishery, video marketing through social media, and working with young fishermen.


Hakozaki Fishing Port

Ohakozaki Civic Meeting(
Guest House Maekawa(

Civic Force began supporting Ohakozaki Civic Meeting through the NPO Partner Projects in June 2021. Please learn more about the project here.

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